Purposeful Projects supports municipalities, businesses and community groups as they transform their visions and plans into action.

We specialize in practical, cost effective, community based solutions to climate change

You know your challenges best and as such we are guided by, and reflexive to, your needs and insight. Working collaboratively with our clients, projects are delivered in stages, allowing for trial and evolution.


“The indefatigable and imaginative Jeanette Sheehy”

Murray Rankin, Member of Parliament, House of Commons, May 12, 2014

“Jeanette is a visionary thinker with a knack for asking difficult questions. She sees possibilities in problems. Jeanette is a curator who can bring people and projects together to become more than the sum of their parts.”

Matthew Kemshaw, Colleague at LifeCycles

“Jeanette did a wonderful job of wading through administrative and programatic chaos and making things work well. We were very lucky to have her steady, patient, and enthusiastic will and vision. She was a fearless and effective fundraiser. The Board so appreciated her knowledge and dedication”

Amy Crook, Board Member

"Jeanette has countless attributes that are mostly beyond words because they are felt, relational, and deeply embodied. But most germane are her ardent listening skills and ability to synthesize a bunch of scattered thoughts coming at her into something purposeful and necessary for the work at hand. Jeanette is a passionate thinker and a visionary doer; she thinks up and manifests new ideas, but more importantly she can make them happen!"

Carla Bergman, Joyful Threads Productions.

“Jeanette is a midwife of change”

Elena Stanley, Colleague


Maralena Murphy, Accountant & Colleague

“Highly skilled”

Anna Maria Perado, Professor University of Victoria, former director of the Center for Collaborative and Community Based Economy